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Low-Cost, High-Pressure-Synthesized Oxygen-Entrapping Materials to Improve Treatment of Solid Tumors.

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  • Bi, J., Witt, E., Voltarelli, V. A., Feig, V. R., Venkatachalam, V., Boyce, H., McGovern, M., Gutierrez, W. R., Rytlewski, J. D., Bowman, K. R., Rhodes, A. C., Cook, A. N., Muller, B. N., Smith, M. G., Ramos, A. R., Panchal, H., Dodd, R. D., Henry, M. D., Mailloux, A., Traverso, G., Otterbein, L. E., Byrne, J. D., Low-Cost, High-Pressure-Synthesized Oxygen-Entrapping Materials to Improve Treatment of Solid Tumors. Adv. Sci. 2023, 2205995. 

Delivery of therapeutic carbon monoxide by gas-entrapping materials.

  • Byrne, J. D., Gallo, D., Boyce, H., Becker, S. L., Kezar, K. M., Cotoia, A. T., Feig, V. R., Lopes, A., Csizmadia, E., Longhi, M. S., Lee, J. S., Kim, H., Wentworth, A. J., Shankar, S., Lee, G. R., Bi, J., Witt, E., Ishida, K., Hayward, A., Kuosmanen, J. L. P., Jenkins, J., Wainer, J., Aragon, A., Wong, K., Steiger, C., Jeck, W. R., Bosch, D. E., Coleman, M. C., Spitz, D. R., Tift, M., Langer, R., Otterbein, L. E., & Traverso, G. (2022). Delivery of therapeutic carbon monoxide by gas-entrapping materials. Science Translational Medicine, 14(651), eabl4135. 
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