Research in the Byrne Lab aims to develop transformative technologies to improve patient care. To accomplish this goal, we employ a variety of different methodologies and experiments to improve upon standard-of-care cancer treatments. While our current studies are geared towards prostate and pancreatic cancer, it is our intention that our research will be applicable to a variety of cancer and disease types.

gas therapeutics

Novel Gas Therapeutics

Evaluation of innovative, non-inhaled gas therapeutics in a variety of cancer types to improve upon standard-of-care treatments


Implantable devices

Generation of implantable diagnostic and therapeutic devices


tumor antigen

Delivery of Tumor Antigens

Determination of a novel way to deliver tumor antigens


mRNA Delivery for Radiation Protection

Formulation of a delivery mechanism for unique mRNA to assist in radiation protection for patients 



BME Senior Design Project

The goal of this project is to limit the side effect, Chemo-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy, involved with chemotherapy. Working with seniors of the College of Biomedical Engineering here at UIowa, we are trying to assist these patients in preventing loss of feeling/painful feelings in their extremities with a physical device. The motivation of this project is to elevate the current standard of care and improve the patient’s quality of life.


Biomedical Scholars Summer Undergraduate Research Program

The Biomedical Scholars Summer Undergraduate Research Program (BSURP) at the University of Iowa is sponsored by six Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs in Genetics, Human Toxicology, Immunology, Molecular Medicine, Neuroscience, and Free Radical and Radiation Biology. The purpose of the BSURP is to provide talented undergraduate bioscience majors with direct laboratory research experience under the mentorship of research faculty members, to introduce them to the challenges and rewards provided by a research career, and to showcase the outstanding biomedical research training opportunities at the University of Iowa.

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Graduate Students

The Byrne Lab mentors graduate students from various programs at the University of Iowa during their first year laboratory rotations. Please see our previous rotation students below!


Lizzie Hannan

Biomedical Sciences

Kate Bowman

Biomedical Sciences

Nusaira Beenta Shahab

Human Toxicology